Dear FUN Parent!

Thank you for your interest in the FUN BUS! Our Fun Bus team can assist you in creating the perfect at home party that suits you!

Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, we always bring the FUN to you! We welcome on board 15-20 children at a time. For parties with larger groups of children extra time can be purchased. The birthday child is welcome aboard for the entire time the FUN BUS is there to celebrate his/her most memorable day!

The FUN BUS is scheduled to arrive 15 minutes prior to the contracted time. We park either in your driveway or alongside a low volume traffic street. The FUN BUS is 35 feet long with a slide that allows the children to exit out the rear of the bus! We request that in planning for our arrival you prepare for us to take up 4 car lengths of space.

2 FUN Trainers lead the children in structured and organized entertainment. Our trainers are highly qualified and lots of FUN! From a warm-up and group dances, to sing alongs and games, their role is to ensure that every child on board is safely having FUN at all times! We look forward to every party and our goal is to make each and every one a positively memorable experience for all!


The Fairfield FUN BUS comes equipped with a tumbling wedge, slides, the newly installed Zip-Line, a vaulting mat, parallel bar, basketball net, trampoline, giant donut, rock wall, balance beam, monkey bars, a punching bag, swinging apparatuses-if you can think of it, we have it! While on board for the 60 minutes, the children’s activities consist of tumbling, sliding, hanging, flipping, jumping, crawling, climbing, balancing, rolling-you name it, they can do it!

The FUN BUS is the perfect means of entertaining children at your home! Don’t let the FUN BUS pass you by! Make your child’s next birthday party one that everyone will be talking about!

Reservations are made on a first come first served basis. Call Jon, with the Fairfield Fun Bus @ (203) 446-4121 or email us at to invite the FUN BUS to entertain your child and his/her friends at their next birthday celebration!

Special Events

Dear FUN School Director/Event Planner:

Thank you for your interest in the FUN BUS! The cost for a Special Camp Event(s) is determined by the event location in addition to the amount of hours the FUN BUS is requested to be at the event (ranging from 1-4 hours).

We have 2 options for which we cater to large groups of attendees at events such as the one you may be planning. We can either have a “Closed Bus” or an “Open Bus” for that day!

A “Closed Bus” allows for 15-20 children on board at a time for either 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes in length. 2 trainers are on board facilitating activities and the obstacle course is arranged using only the space inside the bus. This means the children are having FUN in the bus and only exit at the end of the session allowing another group to board at that time from the front of the bus.

An “Open Bus” allows for an unlimited amount of children with no time limit for which they can participate in the FUN activities that we offer! The trainers are facilitating activities and making sure the children are safely moving about and around the bus. The obstacle course is arranged for the children to climb aboard the front of the bus, make their way through the obstacle course to the rear of the bus, slide out, then back to the front as we change obstacles and games for them to go through.

Please contact us for a detailed pricing quote. We can lead you through all the options so that you can customize your experience to your liking. Reservations are made on a first come first served basis! For more information or to schedule a most memorable FUN event for your children! Please email Jon at: for pricing, availability, and our most current SUMMER OFFERS!

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